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We currently are focused on a handful of projects in the Rockies. The Wattenberg is one of our core basins as it is in our backyard just north of Denver. Our success during the "frenzy" from 2011-2014 made us experts in the field. The Wattenberg continues to provide interesting opportunities, and we are currently trying to secure a position in a prominent area of the field and get out in front for when activity is scheduled to pick up. 

We have a couple of interesting projects off the beaten path that are intriguing. One is in the Wind River Basin in Wyoming. We believe this project will be a first class asset. With a handful of wells that holds a decent chunk of acreage, there is sufficient well control tied to the 3-D seismic that maps out about 170 drilling locations over a 2,000-3,000 foot gas column. There is also an interesting shale play loaded with oil that sits within the stratigraphic column. 

While the Bakken has lost its sizzle with the fall in oil prices, there are a handful of opportunities worth exploring. We have recently received a few interesting opportunities to participate in drilling wells in unique situations. One example is an interest that came out of bankruptcy where half of the drilling costs had been paid prior to filing for bankruptcy.